Archmagos Rexx Berion-Hoss

Rexx Berion-Hoss is an Archmagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and a collector of rare automata. He caters to Planetary Governors and the inquisition, and is very much in demand for his ability to craft and/or locate the finest automated bodyguards, sniffers and assassins.

His Primary mind is located in his torso, surrounded by a tangle of servo skulls, backup memory, logic stacks and and cyborg entities feeding him sensory information and connecting him to the Noosphere. His secondary mind is located at the top of his neck, which is used primarily for interacting with lesser beings.

Project Log:

Started this project last fall. It is a commission but taken with a little more creative license than normal. I used many bits from the Belisarius Cawl kit, with the addition of some of my favorite dark eldar parts, and a nice assortment of servo skull and servitor heads. I painted him using NMM techniques, airbrushing and weathering powder amongst the robes for the dusty feel.


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