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The Eclipse: an AoS28 Competition

The Eclipse is the first event of The Dark Age of Sigmar. It is a competition to create a witch hunter to lead your Hinterlands warband, to use in Warhammer Quest or for any other purpose. You will need to make a single figure – a witch hunter – following the usual AoS28 guidelines.

The Dark Age of Sigmar: Sons of Or and The Alluminarchate

A showcase of Hagen’s Age of Sigmar projects, the tribes of the Sons of Or and The Alluminarchate of Anaryn

Aelves of the Black Sloth Hell

Long ago, when the true God of Death returned to claim his realm, the lesser gods who had claimed some of his power fled in fear, or tried – in desperation – to fight. But none could hope […]

Dark Age of Sigmar: Getting Started with AoS28

A few hobbyists that have been making dark fantasy miniatures for a while talk about their approach to dark fantasy in general and the idea of AoS28 in the future.

The Dark Age of Sigmar: Rottwoode

One of the first warbands to be completed for AoS28 is this collection of nightmare forest creatures created by Orfeo Culzean