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A sound like thunder, the ground moves and I am blind. There are no screams, just the resonance of that terrible boom and then an uncanny silence. I am pressed into the mud of my trench, I think […]

Murder Gholam

A gift from the Dark Mechanicus to the Slaaneshi Pirate Princes, this ‘Psychopath’ class Murder-Gholam is a masterpiece of the Biologis’ genetic art.

Scenes from the Underhive

Agent Omega

Agent Omega is a Vindicare assassin, acting under orders from an unknown faction. Recently sighted in the Dalthus sector and on Mageddon.

Macro Servitor

Magos Tayschrex brings his trusted macro servitor along on all his expeditions. Carrying a portable power generator on it’s back and fitted with excavation tools, it is an invaluable tool for archeological digs, journeys into underground tombs and […]