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Explorator Magos Tayschrex

Although Tayschrex is of the Biologis he shares a lot of traits with Explorator magi as he prefers to travel (often alone apart from his servitors) to distant Xenos planets looking for rare mutations or genetic abnormalities that […]


The tortured soul known only as Emplate was once a proud Eldar, taken in combat by the Adeptus Mechanicus and modified into a living weapon by Magos Tayschrex. The latent psychic energy of the Eldar is amplified by […]

Prima Carnifexa Absoluta

The pinnacle of Hive Cellarius is 16 kilometers high and is the only part of the hive city to reach above the thick black smog that blankets the planet of Andreas’ World. Though the denizens of the hive […]

Arbite Itkovius

The Adeptus Arbite Wojek Itkovius was ‘suggested’ to Inquisitor Tsengir as a permanent member of his retinue by Lord Valthor. Itkovius is Valthor’s man and resolute in his duty – to him there is only the certainty of […]

Inquisitor Tsengir

Once, Inquisitor Tsengir would stop at nothing to prevent the spread of corruption in the Imperium – chasing it down at its roots, following up leads across the stars and persecuting the heretic at every opportunity. The events […]