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The Dark Age of Sigmar: Showcase

AoS28 – The Dark Age of Sigmar has been running for one week of AoS28 there are already lots of great examples to show off. I’ve included some of my favourites here.

How do you paint in the Blanchitsu style?

A quick guide on how to paint in the Blanchitsu style for people looking to get started with AoS28

AoS28 – Expanded Hinterlands Rules

Hinterlands is a simple set of skirmish rules that uses Age of Sigmar as a base, and adds elements from Necromunda or Mordheim. The rules are actively developed and as AoS28 evolves we’ll see community feedback and playtesting influence the new editions.

Introducing AoS28: Inq28 meets Age of Sigmar

Introducing AoS28 – a collaborative community project, bringing the grimdark to the Age of Sigmar

Slaves to Darkness – Chaos Warband WIP

I’ve decided to try a new approach with WIP photos – showing them after the models are completed. I quite like the impact that seeing a completed model for the first time has, without a long series of […]