Posts by Jake (Bruticus):

AoS28 – Expanded Hinterlands Rules

Hinterlands is a simple set of skirmish rules that uses Age of Sigmar as a base, and adds elements from Necromunda or Mordheim. The rules are actively developed and as AoS28 evolves we’ll see community feedback and playtesting influence the new editions.

Introducing AoS28: Inq28 meets Age of Sigmar

Introducing AoS28 – a collaborative community project, bringing the grimdark to the Age of Sigmar

Slaves to Darkness – Chaos Warband WIP

I’ve decided to try a new approach with WIP photos – showing them after the models are completed. I quite like the impact that seeing a completed model for the first time has, without a long series of […]

Slaves to Darkness – Chaos Warriors of Malal

A Slaves to Darkness Chaos warband for Age of Sigmar. Led by the daemon prince of Malal known as the Realmwaster.

Inquisimunda Battle Report – Navigators vs Mutants

A battle report between the otherworldly Navigators of the Splinter-House Merz-Itano and the Scaw mutants of Transcore Hive.