The Dark Age of Sigmar


Create a monster for Age of Sigmar

The second AoS28 competition is all about monsters. Create a unique monster suitable for the Dark Age of Sigmar in time for Halloween. 

Competition time remaining

The competition runs until midnight (UK time) on Sunday 12th November

Treeman Ancient

The Treeman Ancients of the Black Sloth Hell are made of rotten wood from the drowned forest. They live among the mangrove roots and submerged trees, and scavenge to find animal bones with which to repair their decomposing bodies. Once proud and graceful, their fate mirrors that of their Aelven protectors: a tragic, half-existence. Their mournful cries echo through the lifeless swamp.

How to make a monster

There are countless fantastic models of monsters available from Games Workshop and other retailers. But AoS28 is all about creating new and unique additions to the Age of Sigmar.

The best entries will be conversions, made from combining different kits or even by sculpting new components. They will be creatures we haven’t seen before, or all-new takes on familar legendary beasts.

Competition Guidelines

Conversions – The Age of Sigmar range contains loads of great miniatures but you’ll probably want to convert them in order to personalise them. This could be a kitbash or a complete resculpt. The important thing is to personalise the model.

Character is essential – you don’t have to write a full background, but you’ll have to think about your monster’s story. How has it survived the Chaos apocalypse? Has it been changed by Chaos? Is it predator or prey? How is it affected by the Realm it lives in? How does it hunt?

Extra grimdark – Age of Sigmar has a distinctive, vibrant style, but there is a lot of darkness that is waiting to be explored. You think 40k has a monopoly on grimdark? The Mortal Realms were conquered by Chaos, we are only just beginning to learn about the horrors that were unleashed.

The Beast Run

You can add your monster to your AoS28 warband, or use it as an adversary: a monstrous target for the Witch Hunters of the Mortal Realms.

If you want to use your monster in Age of Sigmar games, The Beast Run battleplan is free to download on the Warhammer Community website. A retreating army leads their pursuer through a beast hunting ground.

Realms at War 17 is all about the monstrous Leviathans and the Hunters that capture them for competition

Leviathans are taken to the Monstrous Arena, where Hunters can show off their trophies, then they are pitted against one another to determine the greatest Hunter of all. 

During the event you will be attempting to raise a Leviathan for combat in the arena.

Your trials and tribulations will be played over five scenarios of varying size, plus the thrilling Monstrous Arena on the Saturday evening.

The rules for the Monstrous Arena game will soon be available for everyone. 

Competition FAQs

Your monster can be anything you want. If you are building the model to use in Age of Sigmar games then it could be a monster found on a warscroll, or a ‘counts as’ – but it doesn’t have to be: it could be something totally different.

You can make a monster of any size, from a humanoid creature to a behemoth.

All entries must be emailed to [email protected]

There will be one overall winner. The winning miniature will be featured on this website with a full photoshoot if possible. Some runner-up entrants may also be invited to a game using their monsters. 

No, but it is recommended that you do because it is harder to create something original otherwise, and this competition is all about originality.

No, but it is a good idea and you will need to at least think about your monster’s name or background. A bit of story will help set your creature apart from others. 

Yes, your monster can have a rider or other handler.

Yes – daemons are fine but you could also consider making some lesser known daemons, or demonically altered beasts

A horse is not a monster. Man may be the real monster but we are looking for more fantastical things.

Myths, legends and folklore are a great source of ideas, as are films and books. Another idea is to take typical Games Workshop monsters and put your own spin on them, perhaps imagining how they have been altered by exposure to the Chaos, or by growing up in a place like the Realm of Metal or Fire

Yes, you can use any miniatures you like, but non-GW miniatures may exclude you from playing at Warhammer World.

The Mantigryph

The Tumbled Hills are a liminal place, tidally locked between Ulgu and Ghur. No amount of prayers or sacrifice have been able to wake the Mantigryph that sleeps there. Nonetheless, it has performed many miracles and bestowed blessings on his most devout followers, remaking them in its image

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