A Mordheim undead warband, quite a quick project with a few unconverted models, which is a new thing for me. I love the Heresy ghouls though, and I was inspired to paint them up after reading a pretty horrific book about ghouls – Throne of Bones. The Necromancer conversion and the overall paint style are inspired by Julian Bayliss – who makes easily my favourite Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. Still a bit rough but I intend to add some more detail when I add the zombies to the group (I have some swamp zombies who will fit in perfectly).

The vampire is converted from a Forgeworld Salamander space marine (he’s a Blood Dragon, hence all the dragon scales), he is currently basecoated but I am waiting to get hold of his shield and for inspiration to strike regarding some paint scheme ideas.


The human members of the gang are all quite converted -the crone took the longest probably, as she is made by fixing the top half of the corpse cart driver onto a flagellant’s legs, a conversion that might seem a bit pointless, but it does make her look quite adorably tiny and bent over, which might not be obvious in the photos. The gravedigger is made from the 40k Chaos Cultist with heavy stubber miniature, a model I have been trying to find an original use for for ages!

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