Dark Mechanicus Horrors in the Dark

Deep in the underhive, the thralls of House Tekslav, serve their Dark Mechanicus masters in their search for arcane technology and new subjects for their experiments. These abominations are a result of tech-heresy and foul mutant strains. Utterly loyal to their masters, they make no sound aside from their rhythmic, rasping breath and clinking of their machinery. They are not simpletons however… they possess a low cunning, although they may not be completely sane (and may require restraint at times). Slimmer, ratlike scouts sniff out any unwelcome guests, and report back to their masters. If a threat is detected, plodding monstrosities will not be far behind.

Project Log

The larger mutant is a repaint, the smaller one is new. This is sort of an update to my chaos dudes in a little different paint scheme (a lot warmer and more sepia). In between other projects of course! I am hopefully putting in practice a new hobby regime, updating the previous warbands I’ve done with one or two models along the way.

The paintjob was very airbrush heavy, with some brush details here and there. The red glass facemasks were done using a generous drop of Tamiya clear red over an unpainted headlight bit (from a mechanicus kit i believe). I did a little experimenting with actually making some sort of face appear under the glass but I think the effect here is fine, it’s not worth the trouble on these particular guys.

I was pretty happy with the way the little mutant came out. I’m hoping to use these models in some necromunda games!

5 Comments on “Dark Mechanicus Mutant Abominations

    • Thanks!Like I said he was already built years ago, I repainted him and added the glass helmet

  1. As someone who has just gotten into Warhammer 40k, I have been looking for the ability to homebrew some Dark Mechanicus armies. Outside of a few examples, I have found little that has expounded on the lore in such a flavorful way. Great job!

  2. Just discovered your blog after seeing some of your images on pintrest for while now!
    I am completely blown away by the sheer creativity you put into the factions and modeling. It is some of my favorite 40k content, the dark corners of a world gone heretical never seem to get the spotlight from GW.

    Thank you for your imagination, and your heretech.

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