There beneath the hovering, command machines and the plodding, roaring shock mutants; below the moaning cadavers grasping for the living…. and heralding them all, the clicking and whirring of the servile constructs formed a background noise. For an unfortunate survivor, they assumed another aspect… their tiny arms and claws would overwhelm the victim, and needle-like apparatus would inject them with a serum that began the ritual of their harvest.

These constructs were often observed in sectors prior to an incursion; acting theory is they were functioning as spotters and feelers before the main assault. They most likely maintain some kind of link to their overlords, whether by arcane or mechanised artifice.

– Inquisitor Xodde, Ordo Hereticus


These are my latest batch of ‘spider’ servo skulls… created using a variety of Forgeworld servo skulls, and other plastic skulls mixed with watch parts and other bits. The legs are from a Malifaux kit, steam arachnids.


6 Comments on “Tekslav Servile Constructs

    • Thanks! Mostly the non-forgeworld skulls are built from different parts.

  1. Wow dude, these are beautiful! where is the skull with the big lens from? He is perfect for a project I’m working on at the moment.

    • That is a plastic bit, I think from either space marine or guard, comes with a long trailing coil that i cut off. Thanks!

  2. You can never have enough spiderskulls – PDH made some for the ygg game a while back using the same skulls – the addition of the bladed font legs works very well..

  3. I know this is an older post but what stats did u use in game for them?

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